Flexible, Scalable Platform

A platform that can build, operate and manage research community websites quickly without IT capabilities.
Ability to create unique dedicated research communities via PC and mobile.

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Why Choose Commdock?

Assisting Brands in assemble target consumers and gather insights quickly for decision making

Multi-channel Invitations

E-Mail, social media and SMS invitation, or import users with target attribution, etc.

Add Different Modules

Navigation, pages are free to be added. HTML code (including scripts) can be edited without limitation,fullly control of all pages layout.

Customized Services

Flexible Domain binding. PC, mobile adaptive, regular maintenance & upgrading, professional customer services, 24/7 support.

Data Security

Each platform license includes secure hosting, data security compliance check.

The Main Advantage

Multi-channel to send invitations to consumers, diverse tag to do filtering, different user authorities.
Commdock provides research team, marketing, and business executives a platform to communicate face-to-face with consumers online,applied with qualitative and quantitative research tools.

Modern Survey Platform

Commdock is a modern research platform, flexibility is its core. It can grow with research needs.

Consumers & Research Team Interact Face-to-face

Commdock provides a platform to bring targeted consumers and Research Team together, inspiring them to contribute insights.

Simplify The Survey Process

Commdock aims to provide tools to simplify the research processes. The platform is user friendly, provides different access authorites for users across departments(research&non-research), to obtain insights. Streamlined workflows allow integration of various research tools to improve workflows and efficiency. Our technical expert and project management team is ready to provide you with customized advice and support.

Cost Saving, Efficient Management

Cost saving of setting up your own community website and run the operations.
Integrated with Paneland's 9 years experience of global sample management, companies can efficiently use the platform and manage the target groups.

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