Insights into the Internet ecology in various local markets

Paneland has many years of experience of recruiting and managing panelists in APAC region and globally. With abundant network of internet traffic and capability of profiling,we can help clients reaching mulitiple types of Internet targets faster and more effectively, and build your own internet targets.

Game evaluation crowdsourcing

Using the internal platforms and resources to prgrammatically acquire potential game users for clients.Through our experiential promotion,we can guide users to register and experience games,and optimize the life cycle of each player's acquisition,retension and realization. Committed to providing clients with professional game adverstising services,improve the number of conversion and retention.

Our Service

online advertising channels used to distribute recruiting ads
E-mail recruitment is sometimes used with recruiting partners that have pre-prepared lists
8 million proprietary global panelists can help you do the presice targeting recruitment
Social Media
Recruiting through Social Media has become more popular, these members have the natural tendency to share
Familiar with how to do the the local Banner placement effectively

Case Studies

8000+ research projects successfully delivery yearly

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