Quality Control

Paneland gives priority to high quality data and has adopted scientific mechanisms to safeguard that all its products are up to standard.Through our Panelist Recruitment System,Panel Management System and Project Management System, Paneland is very capable of combining online resources to fulfill our clients' needs.

Panelist Recruitment System

To register as Paneland's panelist, we need a double opt-in process to avoid dupication, also need social identity cross checking,IP control, APP registration control , payment account, email confirmation process after the initial registration. We then send follow up email to validate their IDs along with cross checking of earlier provided information.

Panelist Management System

Paneland collects tiny information about each project and regularly motivates panelists to update information. We have the algorithm to check the efficiency of panelists' behavior.
According to the effective algorithm accumulated over years, Paneland gives different ratings to panelists'participation in projects. For panelists who are judged to be unreliable, the system will make different treatment, including blocking them from participating in other projects.

Project Management System

Paneland reaches target panelists on time by email invitation, APP notification and SMS etc. We invite pre validated individuals from our panel pools.
During each project's fieldwork, Paneland uses its self developed quality control system and outsouced quality system for in process audit,which includes, but not limited to ,ip control, device control and statiscal randomness of answer pattern etc.
For each project, Paneland communicates with customers on the quality of panelists'answers,provide service of data cleaning.

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